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So What Happens During a Hearing Test Anyway?

At your hearing test you will meet with one of our Doctors of Audiology to talk about your hearing concerns. We will also review a history of your hearing which includes any noisy jobs you may have had and any family history of hearing loss. The audiologist will then have you enter a sound proof room where headphones will be placed over your ears. Tones will be played in both ears through the headphones and a record is kept of the lowest tones that the patient can hear in each ear. The results of your tests will be recorded on a form called an audiogram, which the audiologist will review with you. The audiogram reflects your hearing loss in frequencies and decibels. You will be shown the type, pattern and degree of hearing loss, as well as the percentage of normal conversational speech that you are still able to hear. Your audiologist will then relate these results to your concerns about your hearing. Finally the audiologist will offer solutions that will best meet your individual needs.

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