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With over 8,000 people helped since 2002, we have received numerous Central Maine Audiology and hearing aid reviews in Lewiston and Rumford, ME, praising our friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art hearing care. See what our current and former patients have to say about their experiences at our 5-star hearing centers!

Kathy shares her personal story. “I would ask people to repeat over and over and over. I didn’t know what to expect but it was easy and comfortable. The fitting was quick and got my hearing aids right away. I feel like I am now reconnected with all of the people I care about and work with.”

Michel – Lewiston Fire Department Chief – Noticed his hearing problems when he attended meetings and how it affected his ability to perform his job effectively. “It’s not only worthwhile, it betters your life when you come down to it.”

“Very very friendly and thorough. She took her time with my hearing test and explained everything in great (yet simple to understand) detail.”

– Greg D.

“Very nice office well informed and experienced made my visit completely comfortable.”

– Yolanda P.

“I am grateful to the professional staff at Central Maine Audiology and the time and care they gave my mom regarding her hearing loss. She is much happier now with her new hearing aids. Thank you very much.”

– Anita F.

“Friendly, helpful, and efficient. I was tested and fitted for my hearing aids here and have been happy with the hearing aids and the follow-up care. Lovely people who do good work.”

– Margaret I.

“I had my hearing tested, it took less than 30 minutes & the Audiologist was very professional and informative.”

– Gloria Jo R.

“I ignored my hearing loss until the day I discovered I could not hear my patient’s call bell (I am a nurse). Having the ability to listen and HEAR conversations, movies, and lectures have vastly improved my life!!! I am very happy to fully participate in life. Thank you very much!!”

– Carla C.

“Central Maine Audiology is top-notch from the minute you walk in the door! It starts right at the front desk with a friendly greeting making you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. I found Dr. Abbey Forcier to be knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and considerate. I knew that they wanted what was best for me and were willing to go the extra mile to walk me through the process and make that happen. Sara Smith was also the same, great team! I would highly recommend this practice, patient needs were #1! ”

– Patricia G.

“Went in after I lost my hearing in a car accident, they were complete in my care and very understanding of my situation. It was very discouraging to go from hearing to barely hearing in one ear. The staff was great at answering questions and scheduling follow up appointments that fit my needs and schedule.”

– Sylvia R.

“My husband can hear everything now with his hearing aids. I recommend people to come here for their hearing needs. Thank you.”

– Dolores D.

“Wonderfully friendly staff. He can hear his grandkids and me so much better now. It makes his life more pleasant.”

– Sandra C.

“The location is great. Exams are complete. No waiting for your appointment. Very satisfied with everyone.”

– Arthur M.

“She was very courteous, very kind, easy to talk to, easy to work with, and very thorough, explained everything to a T. ”

– Bill G.

“They’re very friendly. Now I’m able to hear birds and grandchildren easier. They keep bugs out of my ears when walking. I can keep sound lower on radio & tv.”

– Doug C.

“The best, most caring and compassionate care from the entire team at Central Maine Audiology. Professional in every manner of care and service. I would not go to another practice.My hearing aids are designed for my needs. My husband remains included in my care. I’m very fortunate to be a patient and client of Central Maine Audiology. I’m grateful that this practice was referred and recommended by my primary care physician 4 years ago…​”

Chris Brown

“I 100% trust CMA with my ears. There is not a single quality of life enhancement investment more important than this. CMA are the pros that knows. DON’T DELAY ADDRESSING YOUR HEARING LOSS!!!!! Thankfully I heeded this admonishment. Climbing into quality hearing aids was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. CMA is standing with me for this entire journey. Their supply and maintenance program is outstanding. Last but not least, their no-interest payment program makes it all happen. CMA ROCKS!!!!”

George Fox

“The folks at Central Maine Audiology are wonderful. Through their expertise and caring they have significantly increased my quality of life. My hearing had become so poor that family members were irritated by my constant requests for repeating their words and I couldn’t even hear the birds chirping at my feeders. Now that has all changed. I am hearing things that were lost to me for years. Music is more enjoyable, my family is happier and the sounds of nature are once again present in my life. So thank you all at CMA (especially Abbey) for your hard work and kind attention!”

Steven Woodsum

“My husband David Boutot has suffered hearing loss for several years. We are so grateful for the above and beyond effort that Rita put into getting him in for an appointment in a timely manner when other offices said they had no time available for months. The technological equipment is top of the line accompanied by Dr. Abby who is an amazing and personable audiologist and has made Dave’s journey back to the hearing world a joy and a pleasure. Central Maine Audiology has completely changed our quality of life by restoring my husband’s ability to hear.”

Tammy Boutot

“Dr. Cropper runs a first class operation. Patient attention and care is unmatched. High quality products. Pleasant, bright, and clean office space. Tremendous follow-up care.”

John O’Donnell

“Every visit is a great visit! Superheroes! Not only can I hear, I can hear the right things. Amazing staff, always make sure things are perfect and never in a rush to scoot you out the door.”

Rikki Lukeski

“I had never been to Central Maine Audiology until today when I went with my husband to pick up his hearing aids. I could not be more pleased with this friendly, professional and patient group!
First of all, my husband HATES going to doctors of any kind. He had gone to another hearing establishment in the area a few years ago and refused to go back. So after a fashion, I finally got him to try Central Maine Audiology on the recommendation of a friend.
His attitude was positive when he came home from his first appointment, a vast change from the last outfit and I thought, THANK YOU!!! Maybe he will stick this one out, and he did.
Today, when we arrived to pick up his hearing aids, we were greeted with a beaming receptionist who made our day by being so positive and welcoming. Dr. Rich could not have been more patient, calm and knowledgeable. He fitted my husband for his aids and explained the all the details with a sense of humor and serenity. My husband loves being able to hear again and I love not having to shout and repeat! What a win-win.
If people are nervous about getting hearing aids, this is the place to come. The office is tastefully decorated with beautiful plants that mirror the serenity of the staff. I cannot recommend this office highly enough.”

Candy Gleason

“Got my new Oticon hearing aids this morning and I couldn’t be more pleased! Nowhere better to get your hearing tested and the best people to get it done! Every staff member and doctor are so personable and so professional! Never going anywhere else!”

Diane Lebrun

“Super helpful with insurance and stepping me through everything. Hearing aids seriously changed my life and they made the entire process so simple!”

Joshua Sparks

“Caring and knowledgeable audiologists, friendly, helpful, and welcoming office staff, and easily assessable location. Quick and thorough service, too!”

Debbie Burns

“5 stars for fine, consistent service & special care. Highly recommended. I’ve been a patient of Central Maine Audiology for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate the trust and honesty and professionalism that they, as Audiologists, have provided me to aid in my hearing challenges.
My son suspected that I probably had a significant hearing issue. It took some coercing on his part, mostly because of financial concerns, but he convinced me to visit Central Maine Audiology. Bryce was very thorough with the examination. We reviewed a number of options. He helped me carefully choose my first pair of hearing aids, as I had nearly the same losses in both ears. No pressure. No rushing. Just competent, professional service.
Well, it’s been over 15 years. I can still remember that awesome moment when I could hear birds chirping in the morning when I stepped out of the house. The sound of the wind rustling the leaves through the trees when taking a walk. A whole new world of sound that I forgot about. It was a humbling experience. Central Maine Audiology helped me realize what I was missing.
Over the years, Central Maine Audiology has grown. I recommend Central Maine Audiology to everyone that I know. I consider myself an ambassador for all of the hearing aid technology available to you…and especially of the care offered at Central Maine Audiology. I believe that it matters who you put your trust in when it comes to your hearing health. I put that trust in Central Maine Audiology.”

Tom Bellas

As one of the premier audiology practices in Lewiston & Rumford, ME, our audiologists and team at Central Maine Audiology also provide 5-star hearing care to patients from Auburn, Lisbon, Turner & Poland, ME & the surrounding areas.