Why Choose Us?

Experience Compassionate Care from Our Hearing Experts

Central Maine Audiology offers the best hearing care in the state of Maine at our Lewiston and Rumford offices.

We believe that hearing loss robs people of human connection, leaving them feeling frustrated and isolated. Our expert and caring providers help to restore quality of life by reconnecting you to the people and activities you love.

You don’t need to feel isolated from the sounds of the world anymore. Start your journey today – you can enjoy television, music, social events, and more with restored hearing clarity.

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Extensive Experience

An audiologist’s ability to provide comfortable and effective care improves with practice and exposure to different cases. At Central Maine Audiology, we have transformed over 8,000 people’s lives in Central Maine and beyond since 2002. This means that we have treated many different cases, some that are likely similar to yours.

Our office provides a range of treatments and knows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hearing loss. Each patient’s hearing loss is different, as are their needs and preferences. We have the experience necessary to customize your treatment plan for the most effective outcome to help you achieve a better quality of life.

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Treatment Beyond Hearing Aids

In many cases, treating hearing loss with just any hearing aid doesn’t account for a patient’s entire condition. Untreated hearing loss has also been linked to a negative impact on cognitive function. Studies show a connection between hearing loss and dementia as well as brain atrophy. The good news is that appropriate hearing treatment can slow cognitive decline.

Our approach to treating hearing loss is designed not just for your ears, but to support your brain’s ability to process what you hear. We teach people that getting hearing aids is less like getting a pair of glasses and more like physical therapy for your whole auditory system, your ears, AND your brain.

Personal Touch To Treatment

Our professional team takes the time to listen to your individual concerns and give you the attention you deserve during each visit to our office. We want you to feel completely comfortable with your experience and strive to provide every patient with compassionate care to address your personal hearing or cognitive problems – this is the cornerstone that drives our practice every day. We hope you’ll feel like family!

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Advanced Technology

Our practice uses state-of-the-art hearing aids from the world’s top hearing device manufacturers. Technological advances in hearing aids continue at a rapid pace. Our providers receive ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest advances in digital hearing aid technology to provide you with the best possible outcome for your specific needs

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and colors. Our providers help you choose devices that are discreet and comfortable — you’ll hardly notice them! Many styles are nearly invisible.

Most of our hearing aids are also equipped with convenient Bluetooth options – including iPhone/Android compatible devices. Phone calls can be received wirelessly from the phone into your hearing aids! Listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more without the need to remove your hearing aids and put in separate earbuds. Control the volume and other hearing aid settings right from an App on your phone!

The latest hearing aids use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries –no more need to fumble with tiny disposable batteries!

Give us a call at 207-782-1160 or click here to learn more about the advanced technologies used in our hearing centers.

In-Depth New Patient Assessment

Our audiologists often hear the comment, “Wow, I’ve never had a hearing test that thorough before!” Some places that advertise a “free hearing test” do a bare-bones hearing test that can leave unanswered questions about the function of the auditory system. Our doctors of audiology offer an in-depth new patient assessment to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your condition. With this information, we can identify underlying medical problems that might need to be addressed. We will recommend a customized hearing treatment plan for you that improves your hearing clarity and cognitive abilities.

Your Central Maine Audiology Hearing Assessment includes:

  • Review Medical History and Discuss Goals
  • Examination of the Ears
  • Hearing Evaluation
  • Next Steps and Treatment Recommendation

If we determine you have a hearing impairment, we will document the results on an audiogram and develop your personalized treatment plan.

Repairs For Both Current & New Patients

Whether you purchased your hearing aids from us, or from another office, we can provide follow-up service and repair for most hearing aid brands. We believe everyone should have access to functional hearing aids. For your convenience and safety, we also offer these services via curbside pickup and drop off. Our Lewiston office has a dropbox available if you would like to leave your hearing aids to be serviced or repaired. We can also mail batteries and supplies directly to you!

If your hearing aids need to be repaired or need cleaning beyond what you can do at home, give us a call. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Hearing aid adjustments, frequent cleanings, and regular check-ups are essential to your hearing health!

Call 207-782-1160 or click here to find out more about hearing aid repairs and our curbside options.

75-Day Adjustment Period

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your hearing devices. We have successfully helped thousands of patients hear better and our success rate is nearly 100%. Every hearing loss is unique and some patients have conditions that can’t be completely resolved by wearing hearing aids. That’s why we offer a 75-day return period for hearing instruments provided by our office*. We are committed to working closely with you throughout this period. We want to ensure that you are getting the most from your new hearing devices and will support you as you become adjusted to them.

*Hearing aid fitting fee is non-refundable.

Caring For Our Community

Supporting and caring for the community and giving back is one of the core values of Central Maine Audiology. Our practice also donates to various organizations and charities. You may notice our staff wearing jeans on Wednesdays, for our “Casual for a Cause” campaign. Each week as we dress down a bit, we make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which fulfills the wishes of terminally ill children. Staff members participate in and support community service events and fundraisers. Our practice is pleased to support the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine and Seniors Plus.

Endorsed By Community Leaders

Our practice is proud to offer services to our community, including our community leaders! Our very own former Lewiston Fire Department Chief and State Legislator, Michel Lajoie, is a patient and recommends Central Maine Audiology for hearing care. He noticed his hearing problems when he attended meetings and how it affected his ability to perform his job effectively. He says, “It’s not only worthwhile, it betters your life when you come down to it.”

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Your Time Is Respected

We strive to make you comfortable and hope that you enjoy your time at our office, but we don’t expect you to spend your entire day here! Out of respect for your valuable time, our team works hard to keep our appointment schedule running smoothly. When you come to see us, you can trust that your appointment will start on time and allow enough time for any questions you may have.

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Most Insurances Accepted

Central Maine Audiology participates with most local and national health insurance carriers. If you are unsure whether your health insurance provides hearing care coverage, we are here to assist you with that as well. Our office staff will communicate with your insurance and help you get answers to your questions. Please give our friendly team a call to discuss insurance coverage.

Some of the insurance plans we accept include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Community Health Options
  • Medicare
  • Martin’s Point

Also, ask us about Maine’s new hearing aid insurance benefit that covers up to $3,000 per ear!

Flexible Financing

At Central Maine Audiology, we believe that everyone deserves hearing clarity, optimal cognitive function, and great quality of life. However, patients may put off treatment due to the associated costs. Rest assured, we are here to help. Our office accepts most insurance plans, takes payments through CareCredit, and we also offer financing plans through Wells Fargo.

At our practice, we also offer Membership Treatment Plans to help our patients make low, affordable, monthly payments. Depending on the technology selected, these Monthly Treatment Plans range in cost from $156/month to $198/month.

Each of our patients that chooses our Membership Treatment Plan can expect the following benefits:

  • Prescription digital hearing devices designed to address the cognitive aspects of hearing loss
  • Lifetime office visits for reprogramming, adjustments, and hearing aid care
  • 4-year warranty
  • 4-year loss and damage replacement coverage
  • Locked-in monthly cost – no price increase for upgrade in 4 years
  • Discounted accessories including: additional charger, TV adapted, & remove microphone
  • Lifetime supplies and batteries

Call 207-782-1160 or click here to find out more about our flexible payment options and to schedule your Central Maine Audiology Hearing Assessment today!

As one of the premier audiology practices in Lewiston & Rumford, ME, our audiologists and team at Central Maine Audiology also provide 5-star hearing care to patients from Auburn, Lisbon, Turner & Poland, ME & the surrounding areas.